It’s Memorial Day weekend, so that will be on people’s minds. Memorial Day has a good tie-in with Christ. We memorialize people who gave their lives for others. Sounds familiar!!!
This weekend, I’m preaching from John 6:60-70. This is when the disciples grumble because “the teaching is really hard”. In fact, lots of “disciples” fall away. Jesus asks the others, “Do you want to leave too?” Peter says, “Where would we go? You have the words of life.”
It seems that when things got less fun, when following Jesus got difficult, messy, no visible rewards, lots of people quit. In my mind, this begs the questions, “Hmmm. What would it take for me to quit? Do I have it in me to stick with Jesus no matter what? What is the extent of my discipleship? Do I have what it takes, inside me, to endure anything, even death and still stay a follower of Jesus? Would I have the courage and tenacity to give my all, for Him?” I’ll be grappling with these issues this weekend. See you here, invite a friend who’s soul hungry!



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