Strangest Thing -WEEK #2

HELLO -This weekend is number 2 in the series: Strangest Thing. Last week was pretty much an introductory regarding the Upside Down World – the existence of the spiritual realm and the darkness of it when Jesus is absent. And it was about how the way of Jesus SEEMS upside down to us, but it’s actually the right side up world.
This weekend we are moving into the theme of redemption, which is a GREAT theme of Christianity. We’ll be looking at a character in the series who’s fairly central to the story, and it’s the policeman who finally believes in the mom who’s son has disappeared. The policeman, “Hopper”, is a depressed substance-abusing wreck at the start, but as the series moves along, he seems to improve. He is on the road to redemption.
It’s really good to see this character climbing out of “the pit” (scripture reference) His efforts offer hope to someone (Will’s mom) even when he himself has no hope, because his daughter died from cancer. As he offers hope to others, his life is buoyed upward! As Hopper gains purpose, as he offers himself to others, his life “climbs out of the dark world!” (scripture reference) So cool to see this no good, chain smokin’, beer guzzlin’ smart aleck… finding new life.
New life is what Jesus offers, as we give ourselves for others… See you this weekend! Rev. Jim



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