Weekend Worship Theme

This weekend we’ll be grappling with a question that surfaces during every relationship and every decision we make: Should I Stay or Should I Go? Stranger Things enthusiasts will recognize that this is pretty much the theme song for the series. I’m going to use it to talk about commitment to Jesus. Should I stay or go, continue or quit?
This weekend we have the joy of Confirming 12 Youth. Way to go God! Confirmation isn’t a “service we go through”. It’s a decision for our lifetime. A decision to follow Jesus, or not. We aren’t pressuring these kids at all. We are offering them to choose life.
The scripture I’ll be using is Matthew 26:36-46. Jesus is praying in the Garden of Gethsemane. He is struggling with going through with his journey to the cross, or not. (Can you hear him asking…. “Should I stay or should I go…” ??) And then he says, “Not what I want, but what You want, Father.” Wow!
In a culture where most people decide most things on whether they like it or not, whether it “feeds them” or not, whether it’s worth their time or not… Jesus stands in stark contrast, and offers life differently than the way the world offers it. In confirmation, we are encouraging the students to choose life according to Jesus.



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