Summer 2019

Got the NUDGE?
One of the values I seek to lead by, is the value of being invested in growing our souls deeper and stronger. I believe this is VITAL for all people. Especially followers of Jesus. A GREAT way to grow your soul deeper and stronger is to be in a bible study or small group. Perhaps it is time to act on the nudge God has been giving you.
BEGINNING JULY 7, at 9:30am in Whitfield Hall, I’ll be offering a new bible study called “The E 100 Challenge.” We’ll be discussing 50 ESSENTIAL questions from the Old Testament and 50 ESSENTIAL uestions from the New Testament. This will be a WONDERFUL opportunity for all of us to learn and grow. No book to order. Can be accessed through your phone. No phone? No problem. We’ll have hard copies.
You are invited to be the body of Christ by supporting our church staff through prayer.  A prayer time for staff is held on Sunday mornings in the Chapel at 7:50 a.m.  If you would like to pray with others for our church staff, but do not regularly attend first service, see Val Moehle ( or 309/267-0253.